Tuesday, 9 July 2013


owhh hi alll..happy tuesday evening! would like to share a story of mine..yesterday, i registered to attend classes and CUTE examination..i considered it like a crazy decision in my life..i am searching for something that is more flexible in my life as a wife and as a mother to my little one..i am hoping everything will go on smoothly and i can be more successful in my  i did not taste the sweetness of success anymore in my profession..when i feel too unmotivated i think it is the right time for me to shift the road that i should take in my life..

i want to learn something that is valuable in this world: HOW TO MANAGE OUR MONEY.. so i hope with the first step that i took yesterday, i can learn new things that i did not learn during my school and my university day..i realize that big salary does not mean rich..sometimes with bigger salary your debt can be bigger depends on how you manage your money..

i decide to try taking a different road in my life because i want to learn something different than anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, histology, hematology, pathology, cytology etc etc..i want to learn something totally different from any subjects i studied before..i want to learn about FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT..i want to learn how to achieve financial freedom in life..

with that i hope i can help relatives and friends or whoever to manage their money correctly!.. as for to manage our money so that in 3 or 6 years, we managed to have 50,000 or 100,000 in our savings? how to plan ur money so that u can go to Mecca in 6 years from now? how to plan our children education so that 10-15 years from now we have enough money to support their studies in the best university? and the best part is, how to plan on having ur first 1 MILLION ringgit??

maybe some says it sounds impossible as every month they just manage to keep RM100 in ASB, Savings account..etc..and they still cant see RM 10k in the account..but friends, i want to learn the impossible part to make our DREAMS possible! i wish that i can retire the way i want..i want to retire young!

i hope  people around me will give me full support on my new decision of taking the new road..

may allah bless me in this new way..


  1. hye myzatul...
    just nak say gudluck for ur CUTE exam. i ade few experience 'jage' candidates yg sit for CUTE exam ni. all the best ok :)

    1. hye haizie..tengs..i pon terfikir2 mcm mana la gayanya exam CUTE ni kan..redahkan aje..btw rsnye mcm penah dgr nama haizie kat blog my friend, ainulzura, die dh smbg phd kat UK..kenal x dgn ainul?