Thursday, 17 July 2014

Happy Birthday to Incik Ainullah..

17th of July..the day when my love ones born..i never thought and imagine that i will meet him and ended marrying him..but that is what we called as "jodoh Allah"..its written in my life path..and alhamdulillah Allah lend me someone that makes my life complete..

Its funny when i recalled the day i met him back 5 years ago..Puteri Resort Ayer Keroh Malacca is the silent witness of our story..

The man in front of me on that day makes me feel that he is "poyo"..and i did not like him because he scolded me once because of asking about balls and the door was incident i wont ever forget..but surprisingly he change his attitude towards me on the 2nd week i met him..he is more friendly..he said to me he has 7 siblings, he asked me to give him a plate of "cucur badak", he said that i looked beautiful wearing my blue "kebaya", he stares at me during the workshop session, wondering why i am not sleepy during the lecture session, he ask me what is my opinion towards him, how to be better when he needs to talk in front of the audience..he asked me to invite him for duo karaoke session, to sing with him but i did not call him.. and last thing i would never forget when he asked me out having "air kelapa" at the shop nearby..but i ignore his one knows the one that makes you feel angry,the one that makes you feel annoying and the one that you try to hate,  is the one that Allah send to you as your lifetime partner..

After one year getting to know each other, i decided to marry him..and yes i am confident enough to be his wife..thank you my love for accepting the good and bad side of mine..thank you for always supporting me in my work, my study and my part time are the man behind me..the anchor that keeps me strength..thanks too for lending me your ears hearing all the things happening around me that i love and i hate..(dalam erti kata lain membebel)..heee..

Thank you Allah for sending him to we are married for almost 4 years and alhamdulillah..we are having 2 kids..Hariz & Nafiz..may Allah keep on lending you to me until the end of my breath in this beautiful world..

Happy birthday to you my love..happy birthday to you my husband..happy birthday to you my best friend forever..happy birthday to you..the father of my kids..may Allah bless you always, giving you strength to look after us..guiding us the right pathway in life so that we will meet again as a family in Allah's jannah..amin ya rab..

Hope you like the present..only a small give to you..but i want it to accompany you when i am not that when you see it, it will reminds you to me..

Last as what i always said every year.. "Kita dah sebaya yer"..hehe..