Friday, 29 March 2013

HuMaN AnaToMi PuzzLe : For Tutors..

this is a simple game in anatomy to help students memorize names of human muscle..

sometimes muscular system is a bit hard for students to memorize the names and location..

so i came with an idea, called human anatomy puzzle is really simple, easy but its fun!

what do u need to prepare is print all the names of muscles, which you want the students to remember the names and location of the muscles...

then, ask your students to be in group of 3..then give them the printed papers and ask them to cut it out based on the muscle's name.

Finished cutting session!
Ask students to put double tape at the back of the paper..

Then, ask them to choose a model among them, the other two group members will paste the paper to their friend according to the location of each will see they will discover the location of each muscle with more excitement!

lastly, ask the groups to show the whole class where are the location of all muscles...

 happy playing! :)


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