Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Didik Anak mengikut Zamannya...

Found this from Little Caliphs Sikamat Seremban, Facebook page..

**copy started*****

Found this while reading the book "Raising Happy Kids" from Prof. Dr. Rozieta 

I totally agree with this. 

Saidina Umar pernah berkata "Didiklah anak-anak mengikut zamannya"

Zaman ini zaman anak-anak Millenium. Mari kita kaji, adakah kaedah didikan

 kita sesuai dengan anak-anak Millenium? Atau masih sama sepertimana

 nenek kita membesarkan ibu bapa kita dahulu

-Teacher Sharina-

**end of copy**

big TRUE..that time has moved..stories about job security is not valid..Big

TRUE also where the new generation is talking about freedom in doing what 

they love most and acquiring an abundance of wealth by following their

dream! i am feeling the same thing here..and of course what am i thinking

rite now would be different with what my children will think in future..

so we should be the updated parents to ensure our motivation and advice to 

our children will move accordingly with their TIME!


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