Thursday, 16 April 2015

Tell Me About The Gastointestine Story: Anatomy creative learning

hi olssss!! our creative learning session concept for gastrointestinal tract is TELL ME!!
but before student start to share between each other, they built the poster model of each GIT organs assigned to them

1st session: Building the poster MODEL using colorful clay.

as we can see above they use their creativity and imagination on doing the poster.
each group member should know the anatomy structure and the function of each organs, 

next the 2nd session:
the origin group now is divided into 7 new groups..each member now will be the new member of new group. the new group must have representative members from 9 nucleus groups before.

Then, the TELL ME session begin..the group will go to the checkpoints with POSTER MODEL and the representative will explain about the organs..others can ask questions during the session.

they look excited sharing and asking questions to their friends! while teacher, dunt forget to have a round on all the checkpoints to check on their valid stories..

Below are their posters..

the 3rd session:

Lastly they will combine back with their origin group and they will present again in front of the class..

4th session:

its time to test their knowledge!!! a set of questions  given to test their knowledge based on the activities..


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