Thursday, 16 April 2015

Creative Learning: Reproductive BINGO!!!

Anyone had play this game before??
now the concept is applied to reproductive system! 

1st stage
i had a list of organs or process need to be known by the students..
so i asked them to think about the clue regarding the word that i gave 
Using the clue they will play BINGO!
2nd stage 
the students will be given a BINGO chart with the words on it..there are 4 sets of different BINGO chart

3rd stage
in their group, they need to say out loud the CLUE..evry team member will find the word that is suitable for the theme..the 1st person say BINGO is the winner!

** they need to plan their own strategies to win

the bingo table given and the words given

playing in group

finding the word after CLUE mentioned

they try to hide their paper..mybe one
of the strategy..haha



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