Thursday, 16 April 2015

Creative Learning: The Musical Helminth

The creative learning in Helminthtology class today is based on the concept of poisonus box that i had play with my friends during school time..

The concept is easy:
music played, students need to pass on the box to their friends..
music stopped, the students with the box will came in front and answer the questions written on each layer of the box

Teachers preparation:
1. box (i used chess set box and gave the chess set to he last students)
2. paper for wrapping (i used mahjong paper so that i can easily wrote down the questions)
3. questions
4. selotape
5. list of songs
6. laptop

the box before the game begin

students passing the box while music is on

Music stop! Box at the hand!!! Answer the question given
Below are some of the students who need to answer the questions in front..

Happy Ayu!! heee

Try it out teachers!! its FUN!!!


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