Thursday, 30 April 2015

Creative learning of Parasitology class: PARASITE TEAMRACE day!

Another outdoor creative learning activities with G85 KPPS..
the activity is for 7 hours and divided into 2 section, morning and afternoon

The students form up their own committee members for the activity.
the main theme for today outdoor learning game is understanding PARASITOLOGY 


1. Forming up groups for the RACE!

the process of forming groups

the team leader for TEAMRACE giving instructions

after forming groups, they are given 2 task:
 1. to form cheer tagline for the group
 2. to create their own logo based on their group name
 (the name of the group is based on parasites that they had learn in class)

amoeba group cheer

amoeba logo
logo preparation by shistosoma mansonii group

preparation by the flagellats

preparation by KUTU group
taenia saginata preparation

wuchereria bancroftii logo

wuchereria bancroftii cheer

wuchereria bancroftii cheer

the sporozoa

sporozoa cheer

the flagellats

flagellats cheer

taenia saginata angry birds logo

ascaris lumbricoides cheer

ascaris lumbricoides logo

ciliates cheer

the ciliates

shistosoma sp group

the KUTU model 

me with the KUTU and Zammer

fara as the KUTU and me

KUTU cheer

kutu logo

taenia saginata cheer

all of the groups have their own identity with the logo and cheer..

they can explain well about the group logo and the meaning behind the logo that is connected to the parasite morphology

even in their cheer they include the parasite habitat and the characteristics of the parsite..

the KUTU group is more creative when they manage to have a KUTU model to explain the KUTU characteristics

they are really creative in this activity!
we had great time enjoying the CHEER session too! 

lets move on to the afternoon session!


the TEAMRACE activity beginssss
the checkpoints and the plan of task for each checkpoints

the instructions and the food and water supply for each group

getting ready

the "pantun"checkpoint..describe ur parasite using PANTUN
haha..seriously funny pantun came out

the life cycle checkpoint

using the things they can see they must show the life cycle f the parasite

KUTU life cycle

find the parasite in crossword puzzle

form words using the alphabet..
the team need to know the disease that will occur because of the parasite

ascariasis by the ascaris lumbricoides group

match the parasite checkpoint
they need to read the statement that refers to certain parasite and they
need to pin it to the right picture of the parasite

DAM order to get the question on helmint,
they need to play this strategy game and win it 1st

qustions to be answered

play the ball solve the next task

the task

draw ur parasite checkpoint

there are 10 checkpoints with different activities and task that the participant should complete

the activities was postponed for 15 minutes because its raining and the checkpoints need to be rearranged

the last part is:

ANNOUNCING The Winner and Giving

the ascaris lumbricoides group: 3rd place

the ascaris lumbricoides group: 3rd place

the ascaris lumbricoides group: 3rd place

2nd winner the KUTU

the WINNER: taenia saginata group!

Class ended at 5.15 pm 15 minutes late because of activities delayed..

But the students are having fun in the TEAMRACE..

Main objective is to make students understand the parasite better in GAME learning process.

Thank you to the committee members! 

Thanks to all G85 members!


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