Tuesday, 4 December 2012

**ThE NuMBeR 28...**

Owh Yellow Hello im not feeling well..i cant get enough sleep last nite...and something worries me when i feel uncomfortable and pain @ my LSCS scar..although the scar is over a year..i still sometimes feel pain there..owh..that is why i am scared to get pregnant again..hmmm...

owh...about the NUMBER 28... is my number today as it is my 28th BIRTHDAY today!!!! sooo...happy BIRTHDAY to me...haha (macam xde org wish je kan..jd kne wish diri sendiri haha..)

there are many of special people in my life (love u all people) already wish me happy birthday; My HubbY..Mak, Abah..My beloVed Friends..(lots of them but these are the special TWO)
**Mai Nurulhuda-My Schoolmate since 8years old sms me wishing me Happy birthday
** Kak cue, my ex officemate whassapp me wishing birthday and dedicate me a birthday song:
would like to say thanks to my beloved sis kak cue coz dedicating me this:

soooo cute!! love it!!!

but today i am working..owh..why la i did not apply for a leave today?? aiyarkkk...i am planning to buy a small sweet cake on my birthday and celebrate it with my incik hubby, my handsome hariz, my mak & abah..

if i manage to get one today, i'll post the pictures later..hehehe...


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