Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Beginning..New challenges

owh hi is my new beginning day of new challenges in my wearing many hats now at the top for my head..from now onwards..i am:

1. wifey to mr ainullah
2. mommy to hariz and nafiz
3. daughter of junus & hashimah
4. daughter in law of zulfakar & rosminah
5. working mother- a tutor
6. part time student of MSU -my MBA prog evry week is on
7. part timer financial adviser -the no 1 unit trust company Public Mutual
8. an internet entrepreneur MBA project actually..i want to help those wahm to promotes their biz online..

its just the beginning..more to wait in future...
my dream is to be financially and timely freedom..
i am working to built my own empire of freedom so that i can have more time with my beloved family...

may Allah ease my journey!

may Allah will always be my side in my ups and downs!

thank you Allah for giving me all these challenges..

so friends..pray for me ya!


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