Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Endocrine System Explorace..Creative and Fun Learning!

hi ollsss...the story for today is specially for teachers or students who want to try different way in learning things..this is my anatomy class..endocrine system and i try to make learning is fun by having explorace..

the students are having checkpoints with activities and Q&A session plus they will be given a piece of puzzle after they completed their mission at each checkpoint. 
Last checkpoint is the place where they complete the endocrine puzzle and name the endocrine glands that they had on the puzzle!

Lets see the fun that they are having..let pictures talk!!!

Instruction before the race begin

Begin to search their checkpoints

Pituitary gland checkpoint

drawing task

Q&A for the other members

the labeling of the whole endocrine system

drawing and labelling of pituitary gland, pineal gland

draw2 again..

select your task

throw the tin..

Focusing game in the house

the paratiroid checkpoint

sing a song as they failed

ovari & testis checkpoint

Name the structure shown

searching and discussing the answer

tiroid gland checkpoint

the question shown to be answered

choose ur task at adrenal gland checkpoint

discussion among members

receiving the puzzle..mission accomplished!

calling for help at the pancreas checkpoint

doubleconfirm is this the place??

yerp..they are trying to convince for the right answer

another group selecting the task

its try to sing!


the puzzle complete!!! adrenal gland!

adrenal gland detected

happy as they finished their task 
another happy group! pituitary gland detected!

enjoying the day..

the timus gland group!

last group that completed..its okay..we will try to organize another game..

at the end of the session, besides of happiness..experience they had, i hope they learn the endocrine system by FUN! 
i also hope that they will learn on organizing an activity plus the leadership, team work and physical challenges...

this activity is only for 2hours class

yeayyy!! they managed to complete before 2 hours..they are SUPERB!!
tengs to the committee members involved in this endocrine system explorace!!


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