Wednesday, 12 June 2013

I am Sad.. (T_T)

stand is a true story..


yes, i am SAD right now..too many things in my head this 2-3 days makes me feel sad.. i am sad with lots of things around me..i am not that kind of person before this..i am happy go lucky person..but i feel like things around me change me a lot..i am no more happy like before i used to be..i became a person that keeping all sad things inside me..and i try to make people happy with me although i am not..i am not pretending..but i just dont want people to get hurt..

i do not know how to express it..what i usually do is crying alone without anyone notice it..

and..i am not happy about it..

today someone scolded me..yes i am wrong..i knew it, but i did not have any intention to be late..i'd try..but i failed..again i am crying alone..

its hurting me..but i pretended like that nothing had happen..i said to myself..dont cry..but i could not control my tears..i scolded myself..and again..i am sad..

i hate the feeling..but i cant control it..

may Allah show me the way..on being happy again..i miss the old me..


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