Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First Cat Festival @ Seremban

any cat lover here?? let me share with u event last sunday from seri pajam..Cat Festival @ Bandar Warisan Puteri, Seremban..

excited to see those cutie family and i went there..  
lets enjoy the cats pictures!!

opss sorry this is not the cat but
the mini stage and people are enjoying
"sounds like the cat" contest.. are the cats photos!!
1st cat..look tired..
this cat look fierce, maybe its uncomfortable in the cage..

tired cat..

sleepy cat

big lazy cat..

cutie cat..long white fur..
but sadly after the white cat, we need to go out from the cat house because of the crowd of people inside are already congested!..
so we went out and we found this!!


hariz looked at the kittens and tried to pull the tail..haishh..
after that we looked around and saw this cutie cage! these two are among cages that take part in decorating the cat cage contest..

these two looks so cute but i wonder..if the cage is already full with things as decorations, where is the cat's place to sleep, to eat..hurmmm...
but dont ask me who is the winner because i do not stay there until the end..hehe..

i am about to leave..when these two enter the crowd and walked towards the stage..

The Upin & Ipin Mascot!!
yess..the upin and ipin mascot..seriously hariz looked at the mascot like a strange things..and very funny he did not happily cheered like other kids there..hurmmm..mybe he still do not know who is upin & ipin..because i already mentioned before in my post before: lets read here..

hariz is more excited with TiMMy the here is his pose with those two mascot..(see his face..)
Hariz and his father..he looked sad while other kids are too excited!haha..
 then we decided to went back because the cat house are still crowded..

P/s: it is really a great idea having a cat festival..most of us like cats rite? but i hope in the next festival the cat house will be bigger and there are lots of spaces for us to enter the house and see all those cutie cats..hope the organizer will do better next time!

before i end the story..i put here a photo of my little hariz!


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