Thursday, 3 January 2013

ITS NEW AGAIN!!! Registration Day..

hye! year is here..and together with dat, we received new students here during registration day..2.1.2013

i still remember when i attended the 1st group registration here: group 73..and now it is group 82..time flies too fast for me..
the meaning of registration day for me as a lecturer here is : the beginning of teaching starts again! uhhhh... again, i will be busy with all the jobs given..(some are out of mind things..errkkk..bluekkkk!!) sometimes i hate the beginning and the quarter last of the cycle..but i have no choice, its my responsibilities as a lecturer here..

hurmmm..dats why sometimes i wish dat i will hav my own bussiness..coz i wanna be a boss on my own..owh i WISH!!!


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