Thursday, 31 December 2015

Problem solved! Office Documents do not open after upgrading to Windows 10.

Do you have problem after upgrading to Windows 10?

If YES, you should read further..

I have problems on opening the Microsoft office documents after downloading it from the internet. As a student, i need to download notes from e-klas..but after upgrading to Windows 10 i cant read the power point doc after downloading it.

I had search for online solutions but does not helping me to open the document until one day i had a conversation with our IT expert in my office. She said what i need to do is to remove the protection from each office because Windows 10 will automatically enable protected view for files originating from the internet.

After the conversation i quickly follow her instruction and YESSSS!!! finally my problem solved! Big thanks to my office mate Pn. Norhidayah! Yaaay!!

Now i would like to share the steps to enable the view and for anyone with the same problem as mine, you should try this!

STEP 1:  Open Microsoft word / excel / power point, click FILE, you will see the below menu will appear, then click options

STEP 2: Click trust center

STEP 3 : Click trust center settings at the right hand corner

STEP 4: at the left hand corner click protected view

 then you will see this in protected view..all boxes of enable protected view are checked!

so follow the 5th STEP:
unchecked the first box that stated 
enable protected view for files originating from the internet

STEP 6: Click OK at the right bottom of the boxes!


Do the same steps for every Microsoft OfficeDocs that you have. 

As for me i only did for microsoft words, excel and power point because these three are the main documents that i will download.

Try NOW! 

May this posting is helping you olss to solve the problem of opening download materials in microsoft office doc.

do comments if this helps you, then share to others!

Happy New Year!!


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