Wednesday, 10 September 2014

COME ON DADDY: A Poem for Fathers..

After reading Slow down mommy, i found this..
specially for daddies out there...

One for Daddy

Come on Daddy!

Come on Daddy, don't sit still!
I love you Daddy, I always will.

Daddy you're home! That's great!
Daddy you're home, the computer can wait.

Lets have a hug at the door.
Put down the remote,
and lets fight on the floor!

Lets kick at a ball, or build a great fort.
You can read me a story, or we can just talk.

Lets go for a ride on our bikes, to the park,
Lets race to the goal post,
I'll beat you, I am fast!

Come on Daddy, lets buy an ice cream!
Ask me what I want I be when I'm older,
Please help me dream!

Come on Daddy, help me get dressed.
I love the clothes you chose for me,
All a mis-match!

Come on daddy, lets jump on the trampoline!
Come on Daddy I want to giggle and scream!

Come on Daddy, a piggy back please?
Oh dear Daddy, I grazed my knees.

Play with me daddy. Don't sit still!
I love you Daddy. I always will.

(c) Rebekah Knight 2013


so as a mom and dad lets spend more time with our little angels..because time flies..their childhood will gone with the time..and one day when we realize, it is too late..they have grown up and they are leave us during our golden ages..


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